TRADE Corey Davis?

Should I trade Corey Davis after this big week? What could I get for him? Or should I hold on to him.

I really like Davis even though it’s only week but Mariota’s injuries are a little concerning

I am holding him, I dont think anyone appreciates his value yet and he could be the top target on that offense

I like Davis. But I was offered Julio for Davis and Marshawn in a 1/2 pt ppr. I have to do that right?

As the resident Corey Davis truther, go and accept this immediately.

I’m a corey davis truther. I’m holding. People think that last week was a fluke. It’s not. In fantasy chase volume, then talent. Corey Davis has an abundance of both. Leads the league in target market share for his team, owns like 40% of the air yards on the team and is insanely talented. Hold onto him and enjoy the ride.

He already is.