Trade: Cousins (0 years) for Derrick Henry, Trey Burton (0 years) and Case Keenum (0 years)

In a Keeper League where we assign every player a contract for any number of years. We can also keep Rookies on the Taxi Squad for 3 years without a contract.

This year I have Kirk Cousins who is hitting 0 years left, which means the other 11 league members can bid any of their Free Agency Cash on bidding on all players with zero years left on their contract.

You can trade your Free Agency Budget and Rookie Picks (2018 and 2019) for any player.

I will be losing Kirk Cousins in free agency, as I know what someone is already bidding for him and it is 20 more than I have.

I have an opportunity to trade Kirk Cousins for Case Keenum (0 years), Trey Burton (0 years) and Derrick Henry (Taxi Squad) - I would also be trading 2nd round picks (2.05 [mine] for 2.09)

I only have a single starting Running Back with Kittle and Watson at TE.

I am thinking about dealing since I am going to lose Cousins anyway or try to trade picks for cash to keep Cousins?

I’m not in a league like this, but to clarify - your potential trade return is all for 0 year players? So you could lose them too (Keenum/Burton/Henry)?

The 2.05 pick is the end of a tier for me. You’re getting either Miller/Washington/Geskeki there. I would not want to give up that pick without something tangible in return.

I would get Derrick Henry and can assign him any number of years, we get to keep 19 players and have 55 Contract Years to assign to Rookies, Taxi Squad and Free Agents.

I have $100 Free Agency Budget left, The Vikings Homer trade his 1st Round Rookie Pick for $20 and Theo Riddick. He now has $120 FAB Budget and is willing to bid $101 to get Kirk.

I would need to trade to get more Cash to keep Kirk and nothing else.

So this deal would allow me to get Henry and 2 Players that I could lose in Free Agency.

So is it worth trading get more cash to keep Kirk or drop a few picks and have Henry.

That is why I was thinking trade down to get Derrick Henry was worth it.

I think I would agree with the trade to get Henry. Are you tradign Kirk to the person with the $101 bid or someone else?

I am trading him to the person in the league with the highest FAB dollars, he is stacked at RB and currently has Luck.

So the deal makes sense for us both, also we have a rule that once you trade a player - he has to be off of your roster for a 365 days.

So the guy cannot snipe Burton or Keenum from me,

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