Trade Cousins for Rivers?

With a favorable playoff schedule for Rivers, should I pivot from Cousins?

As a fellow Cousins owner, I wouldn’t make this trade. However I have a waiver claim to pickup Trubisky so that i may toggle the two based on matchup. I may be in the minority here but i’d hold onto Cousins.

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Would be fine with that move mainly given the 1st 2 matchups in the playoffs for rivers and now with Everson Griffen and Cook back, I think VIkings offense will be more in line i with what I expected before the season. Cousins no longer on pace to throw for record pass attempts with 780+.

Both are great QBs though so can’t go wrong, I just prefer RIvers personally. Also, this is typically the time in the year where Allen starts going off so I’d want to benefit from that. Already starting to see him do it last week vs a pretty solid D in seattle on the road.