Trade Cousins for Zeke?

Have Dak as a QB. My other RBs are Hunt, Abdullah, Buck, Kamara.

If you can get Zeke for cousins i say go for it. You are likely playing Dak every week anyays. Yes there is some risk with Zeke, but i say take the chance.


There is a chance zeke gets suspended again… but if he doesnt, you win by far in this trade. I mean, cmon, mccown had more points than cousins last week. I would sure do it

please answer my last post :slight_smile:

Which is your last post?

I mean if anything at least I get him for one week? I’m sure he will get suspended if I pick him up haha!

Yeah, I will see about the counter. Thanks

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Any time you can turn a QB into a startable positional player, DO IT. Especially with a trade this juicy. You’re benching Cousins anyway, go get yourself that league winning RB.

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This one