Trade crowell

I am looking at a trade offer and I am not sure the benefits to either party

I have crowell and have been offered Duke Johnson and trading our 3rd round picks I have 10 he has 6

What do you think about the offer what’s the intentions here?

I would hold one to duke and hope he gets traded! Fine passcatching RB but bad situation. But i would still prefer him over crowell is a Fa for now and i dont think he’s is going to be a starter anywhere.

I have crowell… but so you honestly think duke will come out with a better job then crowell? He has gotten a bad rap playing for bad teams

So your thinking if i trade crowell and my 3.10 for Duke and 3.06 I am coming out better?

Well I think that Duke is a better RB. I honestly read that he might get traded(he is on tradeblock) and the browns bring back Crowell to back up Chubb. But when hunt comes back he is 3th i would guess.

So if duke gets traded he might have a change to be a pass catching back somewhere maybe like cohen and howard. But its a big gamble.

So i would do the trade, anyway i dont think youre gonna lose or win a championsship with this trade?!

Very true! Theres no real clear winner in this trade ahah

I’d wait. Neither has great value right now but both could have value, depending on where Crowell signs and if Duke gets traded. I’d say Crowell has the potential for biggest role on another team but he could end up locked on the bench too.

It sounds to me Duke has teams looking to trade for him. Hard to say. Guessing game. Time will tell. Thanks for the advice fellas

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Duke is actively being shopped to play a major role. Crowell is…Crowell, inconsistent. Plus, he got released after Bell got signed, so who knows where he will be playing with his mediocre skill set.

It’s hard to say with Duke being stuck on the bench unless he’s traded and Crowell being a FA with most of the solid opportunities gone now to the likes of Murray, Ingram etc.

I don’t think Crowell will earn a starting contract based on his recent play, he’s too inconsistent and isn’t the back for the new NFL offensive shift. Both have limited tread on the tires.

Best case is if you hold Crowell he maybe gets a shot in Indy, Tampa, Oakland to compete for a starter role or takes a high end back up role with the Vikes, Rams or Jags but i think Duke will get more buzz if he is up for trading as he offers a lot more in the passing game.

Personally I’d rather have Duke and the 3.06 over Crowell and the 3.10 - marginally better pick and Crowell has had a few shots now to be the guy and hasn’t taken it (bad teams or not) whereas Duke hasn’t yet and he’s got potential especially as a receiving back in the new pass heavy NFL.

Both are a gamble but i’d rather have Duke he’s the better player IMO and should get a shot

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Thanks for the advice. I traded crowell for Duke. Good or bad I stand by it


Good trade congratz!

Crowell is gonna land rb2 somewhere. Duke gonna be rb3 nowhere. You got hosed

You got hosed on that one

Too early to say that in my opinion. If Crowell gets a new team with a decent role it might work out that way. But right now duke is better positioned to help a fantasy team

Water bet.

Ahahha I win that trade!

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Now I know we have NO way of predicting injury, and we should never account for it to happen…but oh boy were we ever right about trading away Crowell