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Trade cut drop


im 3-3 how would you trade or drop

matt ryan
micheal Thomas
emaneul sanders
Jordan howard
a. kamara
nelson agholor
Kansas city

Sammy Watkins
aaron jones
t. gaberial
tyler locket
e. engram
big ben


full ppr league


All depends on who’s on waivers about dropping. Plus everyone has their trade price.

But looking at the team I would
Keep Kamara gronk Thomas and howard Gabriel until sanu is back (trade if he has a big week). I like engram in case gronk get a crocked

Trade ryan poasibly but not a bad keep option until he geta good. A Jones. Watkins agolor and maybe Sanders (without injury he is a definite keep).

Cut I stream qb and cut big ben. And lockett.

Defence and kickers do what you like with. I stream others hold up to you.


Cut Big Ben, trade or keep Engram, trade or keep Sammy Watkins.


Honestly I’d trade engram and jones if you have decent te to stream during the week. Jones might be in a Rbbc and that will hurt his value unless you could package him with engram and get a decent guy in return. It’s hard to say without seeing your waivers but if sanders is out def cut and Gabriel like that guy said trade him see if you couldn’t package him with those two and get you a good rb wr


thanks all who replied