Trade D Adam's and Lindsey for M Evan's and Singletery?

My RB’s
M Sanders
M Brown

J Jones
R Anderson
AJ Green

12 man, 2 flex league

I am 0-2 in the league. I faced the 2 highest scores each week. I’m not in a panic. But I am worried about my RB’s…

I would be shopping around if your going to trade Adams I want a better rb than singleterry. I traded away gurley (before the season started) for Adan’s straight up

U think I should be looking for a straight up RB1 trade?

IF you want to trad Adams straight up might get you a stud rb you’ll lose wr depth but bolster your rb. Gotta be a decent wr on the wire you can grab if you trade Adams away

Try some deals like Adams for cook or Adams for cmc Maybe even kamara with the Brees injury someone might bite and you’d help your team huge

Tried the top 4 rb’s already. No dice. Most teams dont have depth at rb so they are not so keen on a straight wr for rb trade…