Trade D. Cook for B. Cooks

So, I have a lot of rb depth, and the team in first has a lot of wr depth. What do you think of this trade. I give Dalvin Cook and Taywan Taylor and Receive Brandin Cooks and R. Jones? Is it fair, and is it beneficial to me?

Rb: Mixon, Howard, Cook, THompson, Mccoy, Morris
Wr: A. Brown, Hilton, C. Davis, J. Brown, T. Taylor
TE: Njoku

hell yes! if you can get that done accept that shit asap man!

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How many WRs can you start in your league? If its 2 + Flex, I might hold and consider this.

I love Cooks. Been shouting his name on these forums since like week 1 and as of right now, Cooks > Cook by a mile. But if Cook comes back healthy, then I think their values are quite similar.

And I wouldn’t say you have a LOT of RB depth. As of right now, Mixon is healthy and stud but just got back from knee surgery so risk is always there. Howard hasn’t really been performing. Alex smith just got CT killed last night so we’ll see how he does. McCoy is not at all reliable on that bills team. And Morris is in a questionable situation. Out of that entire group, you really only have 1 super reliable starter. Never take RB depth for granted.

And you really aren’t starving for WRs at all. You have AB who’s a stud. Hilton who I am trying to buy low on now that Luck has proven he can drop dimes down field again. John Brown who is an every week starter WR2. Corey Davis who is the team target hog.

From a pure value perspective, Cooks > Cook, but considering you’re situation, I think it’s a lot closer than people might think.

Good points from both of you. It is a 2 wr flex league. I personally would rather have Jones than T. Taylor so I thought that might hedge risk. I know Cooks just got concussed but overall just seems like such a safer option than Dalvin considering their ceilings are similar.

I think they both suck. I’ve been the resident ROJO hater on these forums since like before the NFL draft back in April. Personally don’t want to own anyone in that buccs backfield. As far as I’m concerned, those 2 pieces in the deal are not relevant and are both throw aways. Just comes down to Cook vs Cooks.

Fair, point. Alright, I don’t know if I could make this happen, but what if I could do C. Davis, Mccoy, C. Thompson and Njoku for Gronk, Cooks, and R. Jones? There is a chance he would ask for Dalvin instead of the Mccoy/Thompson pairing.

This is a good deal for you.

This is still a good deal.

The one caveat to all of this is with McCoy. I actually faded McCoy all season cause i was worried about the team, his criminal stuff, age, etc. But if Philly makes a trade for McCoy, that would totally change this trade. McCoy is much better than Ajayi and would get a lot done behind that Oline. If he gets traded to Philly, I will tilt my face off.

haha yes…I don’t disagree with that. Unfortunately I will probably have to make the trade soon while Cooks value is depressed so probably won’t know ahead of time. Alright one more follow up. What about Cook and Morris for Tate and D. Lewis. Not as splashy, but Tate has been a solid option for my flex and Lewis is a buy low candidate even if he isn’t a weekly starter.

No. Give me Cook side of that. Morris and Lewis again are both kind of a wash. Can’t trust either to play any given week. Titans look objectively awful. Only piece I want out of titans offense is Corey Davis.

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Thanks for the help!