Trade D.J. and A.Rob for Hopkins and McCaffrey

Redraft league, half ppr, I own D.J. and A.Rob, also have Mixon, Penny, Michel, Freeman and K. Johnson, at RB, and at WR, A.J Green, Thielin, Garcon and Davis. Other owner is pretty persistent in trying to get D.J. Im not really sure I want to part with him. Thoughts?

If you’re getting offered Nuk and CMAC, I would take that trade.

Out of curiosity, how the heck did you get like so many rookie RBs lol.

Thanks for the input! The guys I was drafting with didn’t seem to big on them, they all kind of fell so I kept picking them up, I figure there’s more upside with them than the other picks that were going in the same range.

I would for sure take the Hopkins side of this trade. Your WR age is getting up there so it would help you out.

I wouldn’t do this trade. If you trade away DJ, you won’t have any “elite” players that can give you a win all o n their own. You can’t underestimate the power of one of those top 4 rb’s. also, Robinson is much better than people think. IMO he will be back to 2015 form this year. or close to

I would do this, you have upside guys at RB and i think Mixon and CMC will be solid not elite for you but Hopkins with AJ and Thielin gives you a mean 1,2,3 WR set and could all quite happily be WR1’s for a few years together, and if Watson is real then Hopkins will be a stud for you for years to come.

If the guy is super keen on D.J - i would say, how greedy can you get here - will he give you something player or pick as a cherry to close the deal? If not still do it, i’m just saying the fact he’s put up Hopkins for an older if elite RB on a bad offense and an WR who is coming off a serious injury, moved team and isn’t exactly a proven stud says to me you can get something else here…