Trade D Martin?

I’ve had some early interest in Doug Martin (specifically from one owner) and I wanted to get input on trading him…

To this point he offered C Thompson, to which I didn’t even respond…
Today he offered F Gore, to which I’m not interested either…

I’m thinking I could ask for Gronk in exchange for Martin and I’ll even throw in Ebron to be nice… he’s super short at RB, so I think he could be a bit desperate.

I’m fairly deep at RB (below), but always like to have the option.

Full PPR

What do you think?

Love the idea of you getting Gronk for him.

Dalvin Cook is a monster but I would be careful with Ajayi. I’m worried about him getting injured soon and with bi-weeks coming up soon I like having three studs to rotate through. Carson is doing well right now but I can’t see that being this way for long.

What about trying totally flipping the script and getting Gronk for Ajayi? :grinning:

just got gronk in my one league, loving it already can’t find a stud TE much can always find another up and coming RB off waivers if lucky.

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I agree with Joe, I was able to snag Gronk in the draft and the points I’m able to gain back from him dominating over any of the other TE’s is making a huge impact on my team each week