Trade D.Thomas for Henry?

I have Elliot , Hunt , Kamara ,M.Davis I feel like I need the Depth, should I pull the trade ? My WRs are

derrick henry is gargabe for me, im sure there must be better options on the waivers


Demaryius Thomas for Derrick Henry? IMO absolutely, positively NO WAY. I had Henry in one of my leagues and dropped him last week. You can get more out of Thomas than that plus you’re good at RB. Doesn’t hurt to have depth but you’ve got some great RB’s.


Any good RBS y’all have in mind? I’m thinking of trying for Cook or Drake

If I were you I’d be more interested in trying to land another WR like a Boyd or a Golladay, for example. I think your RB’s are much better than your WR lineup. I’m not big on Cook or Drake but I would personally prefer Drake of those two. Who you got available on waviers?

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Well I picked up Kirk this morning, Albert Wilson is there but I chose Kirk in hope he’s the new OLE RELIABLE in AZ