Trade Dalvin for AP

12 team full ppr. I’m starting to shop Dalvin cuz I’m getting worried. I’m 1-3 and I really need an rb. My rb2 is Breida, and I have RoJo, Royce and Latavius Murray on my bench. Guy offered AP and Ty Montgomery for Dalvin and Murray. Seems like I get screwed and give this guy an rb and a handcuff. I was thinking about counter for AP and nyheim heins. If Dalvin doesn’t stay healthy I’ll be glad to have AP but it’s risky.

You definitely get screwed. I’m not trading Cook for AP. AP is not a reliable RB. Gets you like 3-4 games per year of blow up. REst of the season can’t score double digits. I’ve seen this story play out before.

Hines in a full ppr is more intriguing though. Can definitely slot him into your line up.

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So would you consider Dalvin and Murray for Hines and AP? i guess it all comes down to wether or not we think Dalvin will get healthy.

From what i’ve followed on MN of local stories (MN is my team) Dalvin’s issue doesn’t seem to be a concerning injury. The rams weren’t a good matchup and the coaching staff wont’ risk players on games when they need them rest of season. personally i think they should have just sat cook and cut out the concern ppl have.

How do you feel about his other 2 games? He got a ton of work but didnt really do much with it.

MN’s o-line kind of sucks so it’s just hard to gauge.

It is awful but y? Can it get better?

What do you mean. The trade?

No the o line I’m an owner of cook and Murray myself…and watch the games religiously and that’s y Buffalo smoked em they got in on cousins b4 he even had the ball half the time…

This is what makes me want to get rid of Dalvin. He had so many opportunities the first two weeks and the o line is so porous he get stopped before he hits the line of scrimmage. If he is battling injuries and getting smashed behind the line it’s a recipe for disaster

@MikeMeUpp would you consider AP, Hines, and Gronk for Dalvin, Royce and Njoku?