Trade Damien Williams?

In a 10 team dynasty league Would you trade away:
Damien williams
Allen Robinson
Delanie Walker

Aaron Jones
Mike Williams
Corey Davis
2019 4.7
2020 3rd

I have depth at WR (OBJ, Keenan Allen, cooks, woods, Godwin, Calvin Ridley, Geronimo Allison) and QB (Wentz and Goff). Have DJ Mixon Guice and Drake at RB.

I’m in win now mode.

I know dam Williams is expected to be the guy be the guy but this offer seems too good to pass up. Thoughts?

I would do that trade. Williams = Jones in my book. I actually think if LaFleur gets his head out of his rear, Jones could be a top 10 RB this season. Mike Williams should get more targets and yardage, but regress on TDs (10 last season). Allen Robinson hasn’t been a factor in that CHI offense and although I think he does better than last season, it won’t be by much. Dak you can expend since you have Wents/Goff. Walker is at the end of his career, as long as you have another TE to play this season, Davis could take over as the favorite target there in TEN. Plus you’re getting two picks back for Dak pretty much.

DJ/Mixon/Jones - Drake is a solid bench RB and Guice has been banged up but good stash for dynasty.

OBJ/Allen/Cooks/Woods - Williams, Godwin, Ridley, Allison your WR core is DEEP. You could even try trading a package deal to upgrade RB depth or add another more elite player.

Agree I would take this deal…damien williams could be done week 5…jones even if the packers time share it will have a 50% split of a strong offense… mike wililams > robinson in dynasty and prob this year. Corey Davis hasn’t shown up for a full season but the jury is out weather that is him or titans offense/mariota… so his upside could still be there he is just frustrating to own but you have the team to wait for him to develop or change offenses. QB you are stacked so you can afford to move your worst QB. Walker could be done this year so getting picks that you could use in later trades is the way to go

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this is a pretty quick yes from me. you get the better players, younger, and use a QB and TE as ammo. one of which is basically a corpse catching balls. oh, and you get picks that will basically be replacements for those 2 positions. damien will probably be better this year than jones. but, there are a lot of risks that come with him that not a lot of people are talking about. this is an all around win in my book.

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I would take this, but I would try to better the picks. You do not need C Davis in your corp. I would try to up picks in 2020. See if you can get his 2020 1st as the only pick? Maybe the 2019 2nd & 2020 2nd? That will help you out. Ask if he will remove C Davis / 2019 4.7 and 2020 3rd in exchange for those options.

If not, I would still take the trade. I just think those picks are not really going to do anything for you really.