Trade Darrell Henderson for Adam Thielen?

Sounds lopsided, I know, but not when you see who I have at RB vs WR.
RBs: Najee Harris, Darrell Henderson, Damien Harris, Alex Collins, James Conner, Devontae Booker, and Kenneth Gainwell.
WRs: Kadarius Toney, Jerry Jeudy, Allen Robinson, Antonio Brown.

Everything inside of me says don’t do it, but I need a better WR more than I need RB. In fact, I’m completely covered at RB and desperately need help at WR, so maybe I should do it…


I think you can do better than thielen for henderson

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I can potentially get Diggs from someone else instead.


I’d prefer this but Thielen is definitely an under appreciated player.


I agree with @mFedj.

You can definitely get more for Henderson than Thielen. He is currently the RB11 (PPR) overall.

Thielen is the WR15 overall and with the state of the RBs, I would seek out the Henry owner and see what his WRs look like.

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What’s funny is the guy who has Thielen is the Henry owner, which is why I went to him first. He also has Kupp, so I tried to get him but he wants Henderson and Harris to do the trade. That’s too much, even if Kupp is the WR1 on the year.

The other guy with Diggs just lost Ruggs to the DUI so now he’s freaking out. He hasn’t asked to back out yet because I’ve already accepted it but I’m almost wondering if I should just go elsewhere. I feel like I could get Deebo, AJ Brown, Jamar Chase, or someone else more valuable for Henderson. To your point, he’s the RB11 on the year and has promising upside ROS.

If you can swing Henderson for Chase or AJB, do that.

I personally favor AJB just because of less competition for targets and losing Henry.

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Ya and I’ve been holding Tannehill so that would be a nice combo. Problem is the team with AJB is stacked at RB. Same with the team who has Chase. I’ll probably just take Diggs and call it a day. I’m betting on his talent, the offense, his QB, and their schedule ROS. Looks juicy for Diggs, so hopefully he can pick it up more going forward and live up to his name.

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