Trade Davante Adams for Bell?

Shoud I trade Davante Adams for Le’Veon Bell ? I need help in the RB position. My Rbs are Lamar Miller, Marshawn Lynch, Rex Burkhead, Sony Michel, Duke Johnson, and Jordan Wilkins

My other WRs are OBJ, Cooper Kupp, Robby Anderson, and Sammy Watkins.

I would pull the trigger and pray Bell plays week 3

How many WR/RB/flex do your start? Has the other person floated this out there? You run the risk of him not starting until week 10 but on the other hand your current RBs could help get you some wins until then. I think overall it’s worth the risk to get top talent when he comes back. If you start 2 RB, 2WR, 1 flex

Nope I wouldn’t.

I know you need help…

But Robby had 1 reception and Watkins is maybe a bust if he doesn’t do well this game.

Id look to package lynch and Robby and maybe go after the dalvin cook owner or something like that

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im with @Fr0sty11

the only sure thing you have is odell…if you trade away adams and levbell holdout is till week 10 it looks really ugly!
imo you need adams going forward!

The bell owner offered me the trade so that why I’m debating right now if I should do it . We start 2WR, 2RB, and 1 flex. And I forgot to mention its a full PPR league So, currently I have OBJ, Adams , Miller, Lynch, and Cupp in the flex as my starting line up, which worked out fine week1. But if bell does in fact play earlier, I would have true #1 RB but I guess I would be hurting in the WR 2 position ?

This is true ! Do you think Sony Michel can fill that void in the RB position if I just wait ?

talentwise he can…the situation in new england is a murky one!

what i would do in your position…
after this week and hopefully another strong showing of cooper kupp (ppr its even more likely)…i would package him with lamar miller and f.e. go after freeman or so! maybe the owner is worried of his situation

or trying to aquire some sort of hyde…!

but not speculating on levbell…this whole thing is bigger than the sport…it would kill you thinking about and hoping everyday!

It’s tempting, but I don’t think I would go for that. I am assuming this is in a redraft league? If so, Bell being out until week 10 on top of trading away Adams could mean you miss the playoffs and having Bell on your roster doesn’t help much at all.

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Got it ! Maybe I should use adams and try to get another RB like Freeman or Jordan Howard

I would be careful with freedman since he is injured right now. In a PPR Kupp is a solid 2. Adams is a 2 with 1 upside so you would be loosing that if you did the trade. I would look at teams that are hurting in the WR category and swap Adams for one of their RB in the Howard realm

Freeman has officially been ruled out for week 2.

So I def wouldnt offer up devante… But maybe offer up burkhead for Freeman and see if he bites… If he is thin at RB and needs a starter he might.

Keep OBJ and Adams dude… They are studs…

I guess you’re right , OBJ and Adams are bread and butter of team so I guess I’ll hold onto adams and ride it out. Them 2 should make up for my RB situation and Miller is a solid RB2 moving forward and but will carry RB1 upside in good matchups