Trade David Johnson and Alex Collins for OBJ

Trade would be my David Johnson and Alex Collins for OBJ.

Is this a good trade or should I decline it?

Depends. What does the rest of your team look like?

QB: Tom brady
RB: zeke, David Johnson, James Connor, Lev Bell, Adrian Peterson, Alex Collins
WR: Adam Thielen, Julian eldeman, Alshon Jeffery
TE: jimmy graham, trey burton, Evan engram

Take the trade.

Easily. Easily take this trade. OBJ went out and and had another “bad game” according to critics while once again putting up over 100 yards. Not sure what anyone else wants but this is the type of consistency I want from my WR1s.

I wouldn’t be shocked if DJ doesn’t break 100 yards rushing all season. He’s TD or bust. ALso Collins is trash. Always has been. Will have a good game here and there but not someone I want in my lineups on a weekly basis.

Yeah you are fine at running back. I’d take OBJ side.