Trade David Johnson and Julio For King Henry?

10 team full ppr league. My roster looks like this right now.

QB: Josh Allen, Watson

WR: Cooper, Woods, Julio, Anderson, Beasley, Tim Patrick

RB: CEH, Hunt, Gibson, DJ, McKinnon

TE: Kittle

I feel like I need that anchor at RB hence the need for advice on this trade.

I’d do this then try a QB/WR pair to try to upgrade a little at WR

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Only thing I worry about that trade is Cooper going to be the top target with a third string qb. Also does Goff throw to woods or spread the ball too much. Just lost a little depth that you had at wr giving up Julio. But could flip a wr/qb trade a wr like rbins40 said

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By wr/qb trade I’m assuming you mean trade a qb for a wr. I feel like I’m wrong and if so let me know.

Yes trade Allen or Watson with say woods to get a better Wr from a team that has depth but needs a QB. Or do it with Cooper and get 2 WRs.

Maybe a metcalf coming off a low game. Godwin owner might be tilting.
Golloday to get a good 13 points a week type player.

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Not gonna lie if I had Henry I wouldn’t accept this trade unless I was pretty deep at RB and hurting at WR. So if the trade is on the table for real, grab it

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We decided to wait till after this week to do the trade since DJ is on a bye he wouldnt have a decent RB option this week. I just need Julio to show up tonight to basically cement the trade. Thanks to all of you that responded, I love this community!