Trade David Johnson asap?

Starting to worry with AZ working RBs out!

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If you can get something decent in return yes.

If all your getting is garbage offers now that the news is out I would just hold onto him.

as a DJ owner in 3 leagues im currently worried as well. I started sending offers but have been rejected lol.

I’m happy having him because I have Edmonds too, but the problem going forward is going to be which one are you starting…

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Based off of them bringing all these RB in for work I’m guessing you won’t have that problem here soon. I’d imagine news is coming with DJ that his injuries are a little more than we all are led to believe.

yeah maybe. I’m hoping he miraculously gets traded to the bucs and reunites with Arians, then we will all have two RB1’s


Thats what im hoping for. I started Johnson over Edmonds but still won thank god

Me too and I had Kyler Murray! Luckily my opponent had matt Ryan. Cook and Waller bailed me out big time