Trade - David Johnson for Christian McCaffery

12 Man standard scoring. Current team: QB: Tom Bradey, WRs: Cooper, Cobb, Hogan, Ginn, Corey Davis, Golladay, Higgins, RBs: Carson, Mixon, Crowell, Kamara, Ralws, TE: Jesse James, Austin Hooper.

After a rough loss this week I put out the feelers that I was looking for potential trades. This trade was offered to me. DJ is on my IR spot and my current RB core features Crowell, Carson, Mixon, and Kamara. I’m 2-1 but I worry with my current team I’m going to start dropping games (especially with Cobb injured and Cooper dropping passes). I feel like McCaffery will help me win now, but it’s not worth it if DJ comes back before the playoffs and can win me games then. If this was at least .5 PPR I would probably jump on it without question, but I question McCaffery’s value in a standard scoring league.

Would love any advice, thanks!

Edit: Not a keeper league

I’m in an 8 team standard league and I have DJ, but no one will trade me no matter who else I add to the deal

If it’s not a keeper league, I would do it. I totally see your concern with it being standard scoring, but what tips it for me is that Camp’s arm looks bad and just lost his check down in Olsen. McCaffrey could really benefit from this and DJ is, in all likely only going to be playing at most a few weeks. No one knows how the dude will perform coming off an injury.
If it’s a keeper league, I’d keep DJ.

Not a keeper league, I’ve added that to the OP. Yeah, that’s kind of where I’m leaning as well. Just giving up DJ seems crazy and I’m surprised someone made an offer on him. Side note though, the guy I’m playing against has Hunt and a very solid team so I’m worried I’ll just be giving him a huge boost for the playoffs when DJ returns.

Giving him up seems crazy, I totally agree. But there’s no saying if/when he returns and how successful he is after returning. Maybe put the feelers out and see if he’s willing to package someone with McCaffrey, if he really wants DJ, you may be able to pick another person up for a player that has a lot of question marks.

Yeah, that’s not a bad plan. I checked his bench for people he might be willing to give up but it’s not looking promising. He even has Josh Gordan on his bench and he’s still able to invest in players that won’t see playing time for weeks haha. He was Henry who I would want but probably won’t give him up. And I don’t really want a free Cole Beasley lol.

Yeah I wouldn’t want a Cole Beasley either. See if he’ll go for Derrick Henry straight up with DJ, you never know what someone will do in a trade.