Trade David Johnson or Edmonds?

I own both of them, should I trade one?

me too but I think we missed the boat last week on Edmonds. He’s out for a few weeks and DJ’s health is a mystery. You’ll get peanuts for him at this point.

i was so close trading DJ or Edmonds yesterday but I was uncertain :confused:

Agreed, I don’t think you’ll get the bang for your buck at this point

grass is always greener though. We could’ve never guessed it would be this bad of a week and he would pull a hamstring. Personally, I’m trying to make up ground elsewhere. I have Michael Thomas, Amari Cooper, Dalvin Cook, Darren Waller so I’m trying to flip Thomas and Waller for Saquon or something like that and then hope DJ comes back healthy and takes the role back.

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just think about the same thing, but with Godwin and Engram

my RBs are CMC, Gurley, DJ, Edmonds, Breida and I definitley need a better one than Breida for week 9

I think DJ May be in a bad spot…too many RBs coming into town and the. The trade for Drake.? It doesn’t look good. I also have Edmonds and just traded for him last week…yikes! I’m going from thinking he will get the workload to thinking he may be behind Drake when he returns…