Trade! David Johnson

Is Matt Ryan and Marlon Mack to much to trade away for David Johnson.

My team is below.

not enough IMO

I guess it all depends on how much your opponent values the QB position. The way I look at it, Mack is a downgrade from David Johnson and I could probably stream a qb and get similar return as Matt Ryan (Josh Allen and Sam Darnold have cupcake matchups the rest of the way for the most part).

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I would be ok with that trade.

but if you could get him for that, I would do it in a heartbeat

Thank you!

Agree with the other comments, but may be better off getting the Lamar value before the BYE and tougher matchups.

They did just upgrade their Defense though so who knows.

QB streams are okay but Matt Ryan has been pretty darn good. He definitely carries some value. He can did she top 5 easily. He’s only been out of the top 12 once in week 1 and he still had 20+