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Trade David Johnson


I have given consideration in trading David Johnson. I’m in a 12 man keeper league in which you keep the player in the round they were drafted. DJ was drafted in the 11th round 2 years ago and has been kept in that round since. That being said, here is the rest of my team:

QB - Luck/Roethlisberger
RB - T. Coleman
RB - C. McCaffery
WR - B. Cooks
WR - D. Baldwin
Flex - J. Landry

A. Thelien
J. Allen
S. Shepard

The trades I have received are:

  1. J. Ajayi, T.Y. Hilton, J. Rogers for DJ and B. Cooks
  2. L. McCoy and next year 1st round pick for DJ
  3. J. Jones, D. Henry, next year 3rd round pick for DJ and D. Baldwin



Mccoy and a 1st rounder sounds great to me, however losing DJ in the 11 spot is huge, and you run a high risk of shady getting hurt as usual.


I wouldn’t give up DJ in the 11th.