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Trade deadline advice! Freeman for Mike Thomas trade package? should I accept this trade?!


Hey Footclan! Should I take this trade?

His Thomas, Mixon
For my Freeman, Demaryius Thomas

I’m tempted to take it. But I do like my RB depth.

Here’s my roster - half PPR - 3 WR starters plus flex

WR: AJ Green, Baldwin, Demaryius, Juju, Benjamin and Parker

RB: McCoy, Hunt, Kamara, Freeman and Morris


I think it helps your WR depth if anything. Having three stars in RB and WR is great.


Thanks. You’d take this? Even though I lose depth at RB?


Depends on how comfortable you are with 3 vs 4 strong RBs. This gives you 3 very strong WRs and RBs. I’d take it though, Freeman has been injured and taking concussions like they’re candy.


Good point. 4 strong RBs gives me nothing with only 3 I can start.