Trade deadline advice

I need to pick up a tight end (Doyle) to help me week 11 with Njoku on bye. In order to do so I am looking at a 2 for 1 trade to open a roster spot. Would you rather have Amari Cooper or Marvin Jones rest of season. I am looking to trade a package of J. Brown and Richard or J. Brown and Mccoy. Thanks

Qb: Rivers
Rb: Mixon, Cook, Howard, Mccoy, Thompson, Richard
Wr: A. Brown, Hilton, J. Brown, C. Davis, C. Sutton
Te: Njoku

bump…Cooper vs Marvin Jones vs John Brown

I prefer Cooper. He’s the #1 with a great schedule

Yeah…I am leaning that way only because of schedule. Is john brown and RIchard enough to get it done? If not would you offer any of my other running backs paired with Brown?

I think you have a shot at making it work with Brown and Richard. I don’t know how much value McCoy holds at this point

Thanks for the help!