*Trade Deadline Approaching*

We’re one week from trade deadline and I’m looking to make some playoff trades. Before you say it’s too early…I’m in first place, 3 games up and unless I implode with easy games ahead, I’ll have a first round week 14 BYE so I want to put the pieces in place for week 15/16.

I’m thinking of targeting from an owner David Johnson (ATL, LAR) and Andrew Luck (DAL, NYG). Right now, I’m holding handcuffs M. Brown, S. Ware, and Ekeler. I need to make figure out DST which I’m leaning Broncos (CLE, OAK), but he also has the Rams which I may go after (PHI, ARI). For more information, he’s also all but out of the playoffs. My offer may be something like Peterson + mVs + Goff + M. Brown (maybe) + Redskins FOR luck + DJ + Rams.

Good move/bad move? Any suggestions of moves to get my team ready to win the title? TEAM BELOW:

QB – Jared Goff
RB – K. Hunt, M. Gordon, P. Lindsay, AP, M. Brown, Ware, Ekeler
WR – Michael thomas, Julio, DaVante Adams, Robert Woods, MVS
TE – Ertz
DST – Redskins
K – Crosby

If this is a standard lineup idk where DJ fits. Is this either a 3WR or 2flex league?
If not, I do not see how this trade is beneficial, with your current lineup.

I wouldn’t trade you if I were the DJ owner.

  1. Your team is stacked.
  2. You’re giving M.Brown but he’s not the Gurley owner, or you haven’t stated so if he is.
  3. DJ just had a blow up game so he’s a hold
  4. It looks like you’re shipping off bench players for two starters. I don’t see how that helps him get to playoffs.
  5. Where would DJ even start in your lineup between Hunt, Gordon, MT, and Adams. Unless you wanted DJ for Hunt’s bye next week.

All good points. Here’s the considerations that I’m trying to play out. I’m perfectly fine just holding my team because i do like it. I’m mainly trying not to gut my team but have the right pieces in play at QB & DST because I feel good at my core spots.

  1. DJ’s matchups are great for 15 & 16: ATL & LAR
  2. While it would be hard sitting Gordon, he plays BAL championship week who right now is #1 D against RBs.
  3. Peterson seems unlikely to use with JAX (#6) and TEN (#2) best Ds against RBs.
  4. Goff plays the #2 D against QBs in championship week against the Cards. While Luck is great (#22 DAL & NYG #32).
  5. If I play the Bengals and Broncos Ds (OAK & CLE matchups), I’ll need to clear a bench spot which is likely MVS. Could I get better trade value instead of just dropping for a likely opponent.

All that being said, does it make more sense to Trade away Goff & MVS to him for Luck then? Is Luck that much of a QB upgrade for playoffs?

Goff also has a BYE coming up while Luck does not.

You can try this yeah. Basis for rostering a QB is:

  1. Obviously being a good QB
  2. A bad DST
  3. Great Schedule
  4. Good weapons

I think Luck checks all of those.
You could say Goff checks all of those too but he has the bye week and Rams DST only gets lit up by elite offenses/ QBs.