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Trade deadline complex trade help


I need advice on whether to accept this trade. The deadline is tomorrow. 6 teams make the playoffs in our league and I am 6th, but feel like I need to make a move to really be a contender so I am willing to take on some risk. Would you trade T.Y. Hilton, Jordan Howard, Lesean Mccoy, and Corey Davis for Leonard Fournette Golden Tate and John Ross or Anthony Miller.

Rb: Mixon, Cook, Howard, Mccoy, Thompson, Richard
Wr: A Brown, Hilton, J. Brown, C. Davis, Sutton

Rb: Mixon, Cook, Fournette, Thompson, Richard
Wr: A. Brown, Tate, J. Brown, Sutton, J. Ross


Definitely some risk here. I like the upgrade in RB. I think the Jaguars did it right by resting him, even if it meant sacrificing some potential wins. Some definite risk in Taking on Tate, he could flourish or he could fail to establish a connection with Wentz and do nothing.

But if you feel like you need to take a risk, I say do it.



I was almost on board, until i remembered that Tate was traded to the Eagles, where AT BEST he’ll be the third option behind Ertz and Alshon, and thats assuming he picks it up quickly.

Your losing a low end WR1/High end WR2 in Hilton, and gaining nothing but WR depth. you have AB but you’ll be playing the matchup game with your WR2 slot ROS.

As for RB, Mixon and Cook (now that he’s healthy) is an absolutely fine tandem. Fournette would be a nice addition, but the hits you would take at WR are not worth gaining a 3rd startable RB


I’m not a fan of this trade. You’re losing a really good receiver and 2 rbs that you can play depending on matchups for essentially Fournette and you’re taking a shot on Tate doing something in Philly. If you feel you need to shake your team up before the deadline keep looking around…


That’s fair. Here are my thoughts. I can either have 3 strong running backs and cycle my wr2 between Tate, John Brown, Sutton, and Waiver wire or I can cycle my running backs between Howard, Mccoy, and C Thompson. Seems easer to cycle through wr than rb. Plus next week with Mccoy on bye I would be forced to start Howard agaisnt Minnesota which is guaranteed bust.