TRADE DEADLINE HELP! Jimmy Graham and Emmanuel Sanders for lockett and ertz

I need trade help. I got an offer for Zack ertz and lockett for Jimmy Graham and Emmanuel Sanders. I’ll get Graham and Sanders if accepted.

Full ppr league
My team is qb Matt Ryan
Rb: Chubb, Sony Michael, kamara, too Smith
Wr: Baldwin, Taylor gaberial, John Brown, Ridley, lockett and amari cooper
TE: ertz and engram

Should I accept trade? I’m hurting at wr no one performs consistently really. I’m 5-3 2nd in my division.

Yes, I would do this trade. Ertz is great but Graham and Engram is still solid enough at tight end, and Sanders is a top 15 or so wide receiver. Lockett shouldn’t ever be in your starting line up so.

Disagree, depending on how many in League, Lockett will be a starter, I trust Ertz more than Graham and Lockett is producing. I say do not do this trade.

12 team league

Ok, yes in deep leagues Lockett is startable, but I don’t want to start him. He is averaging under 5 targets per game. My point is that that both Graham/Engram and Sanders are every week starts. You can’t say the same about the other side of the trade. It’s ultimately about the gap between lockett and sanders compared to Ertz over Engram/Graham. It’s close, but I’ll take the receiver over the tight end.

Yes do it Ertz is the top TE. Might as well be a WR