Trade deadline help

I’m currently tied for first in my league. I’m going head to head against the other top team for the number 1 spot heading into playoffs (amazing, i know). Both of us are sitting at 10-2 and i’m trying to push through. My RB situation scares me after last week.

I currently have: McKinnon, Darkwa, McCafferey, and Mack (who i’m dropping for chargers D this week). I’m stacked at WR (davis, jones jr, brown, sanu, crowder) and i’m feeling confident there will be a combination to carry me for the rest of my games at that position. Question is, RB?

I can get Hyde for McKinnon/Davis (i think that’s the most i’d do for Hyde)
I also have offers to trade Goff for Mixon (i have cam as well)
And then i was told Perine is on the table (possibly could steal for Corey Davis)

any advice here moving foward? Thanks guys

I like the Perine Trade the most

I would do any of those in this order:

Perine - Only RB worth anything on their team. Had a solid game last week and should keep getting use
Mixon - Great game last week but has a tough schedule coming up
Hyde - Probably the most talented out of the three but I think they are going to start working Breida in more and more to see what they have for next season so I’d be nervous starting him.

I like that you only have to give up Goff for Mixon way more but his schedule just scares me.

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what @Forty9Giants said is spot on of what advice i would give you.

Goodluck sir