Trade deadline in dynasty

Should there be a trade deadline in dynasty leagues?

Yes, absolutely! I was very annoyed mine didn’t. Just consider a guy like Larry Fitzgerald — if the person who has him is going to miss the playoffs, why wouldn’t he move him out for cheap? And that gives the person getting him a huge (and unfair) advantage! I think the trade deadline should be week 10, at the very latest. Otherwise team construction means nothing.

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There should be. It will keep ridiculous trades between teams at a minimum. As stated above, week 10-11 at the latest. Once the season is over, though, everything should open up again.


Week 11 is that sweet spot. You want to have fluidity in your league. We have had bad teams in my dynasty league (4 keeper league) who gave up good players in exchange for draft picks and value plays, only to come around and take 1st-3rd next season. If you are in the cellar, it pays to sell off and keeps up the fluidity of the league.