Trade deadline is creeping up!

With my trade deadline coming up next week. What last minute moves should I look at trying to do. Definitely should upgrade WR but what can I go after?
Full PPR currently in 2nd
QB: Lamar, Stafford
RB: kamara, Chubb, Coleman, Sony, Mattison
WR: Evans, Edelman, Anderson, Watkins, Pascal
TE: Waller

Unless you play 3 WR, I think your WRs are more than fine… you lean on Evans and Edelman. Maybe you could try to move Sony for like Kirk or something if you want a better flex option at WR. Still, I think most weeks you’ll be starting Kamara-Chubb-Evans-Edelman-Coleman

Yea was looking further down the weeks. I’m starting those 5 guys the rest of the way. Bye weeks are done for me after this week. More just worried about depth for injuries (knock on wood)

Try and see what you can get for Sony, but it probably won’t be that much.