Trade deadline looming

Was just offered. Doug baldwin and devante adams for either ingram or kamara.

12 team .5 ppr start 2 flex

Current team
Qb tyrod, phillip rivers, and aaron rogers (ir)

Rb ingram, kamara, hunt, bell, woodhead, zeke and johnathan stewart

Wr julio jones, tyreek hill, and corey davis

Te kelce

Dst vikings and bears

K (will pick one up tonight)

Id trade Kamara for Adams and Baldwin. Your stacked at back and Seattle is a late season giant.

Forgot to mention we start 2 flex. Would that change your answer?

I wouldnt trade and hope your wide recievers stay healthy. If you can give woodhead for a robby anderson that’d be my thought.
Starting 2 or 3 wrs?

2 wr 2rb 2 flex

I’d trade Kamara for Baldwin and Adams. Your RB depth is stacked…how did you get all of those guys? Well done. Even though you’re losing a big guy, you have the depth for it not to take a hit and you’d get an elite WR1 in return

With that team set up you would have Adams on your bench every week. So you are really trading Ingram for Baldwin. Both Ingram and kamara should out produce Baldwin most weeks. Don’t trade. Keep them all.

Drafted bell zeke and hunt

Traded for ingram and kamara early season before the ap trade been working deals all season lol

I just dont trust hill. Been trying to work other trades off him because i know i really dont need both and its hard for me to get rid of either saints rb.

It’s hard to trust hill but there is no doubt that I would feel better about playing ingram/kamara with hill then subing in Baldwin for one of them. You would still be playing hill but he would be a flex instead of your wr2. At least I would based on your team.

I would say make the trade. Its not like you can start Ingram, kamara, hunt, and bell every week. One of them has to sit. And then you can auto start julio, and baldwin, and pick between the others based on matchups and hills ping pong effect

In my league i can start all 4 because we do 2 flex 2 wr 2rb

Oh my bad i missed that

I ended up declining the trade. mostly on how they both are startable but also each others handcuffs in case one of them gets hurt.