Trade Deadline Monster Trade Advice Needed

Hi Gang, I could really use your help on this one. I’m in a 10-team 3 keeper league and need to consider now vs next season.

My current roster is well-equipped.

I’m being offered the following trade.

Give James Conner and OBJ

Get Flash Gordon, James White, Alshon Jeffrey, Courtland Sutton.

I currently have at WR:

AB, OBJ, Boyd, Baldwin, Crabtree

At RB:

Kamara, Conner, Coleman, R. Freeman, Drake, Kerryon

I think I’m gonna hold…but wanted input from the footclan

I wouldn’t do the trade. White has Sony and burkhead coming back.

Also Conner gonna be a beast next season so you’re giving up a lot there.

Not for me. You’d be downgrading both positions to pick up 2 WR you don’t need. You also weaken your stock of potential keepers for next year.