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Trade Deadline Question

When is the best time to make the trade deadline? I remember I didn’t like it last year but I don’t remember if it was too soon or too late.

Sorry no one answered your question already.

A lot of factors go into setting a trade deadline or deciding to have one.

  • Is this for a redraft, keeper or or dynasty league?
  • Do you allow draft pick trading?
  • How many teams make the playoffs? When do the playoffs start?
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Redraft, no pick trading, 6 teams make the playoffs out of 10, and the playoffs start week 14

I would suggest setting a trade deadline for week 10. Week 10 starts Thursday, November 7.

With playoffs starting Week 14 ( Thursday, December 5), that gives teams once month gap between trade deadline and playoffs.

Typically if you do support pick trading, you want to set an easier trade deadline.

Hope that helps!