Trade deadline soon

Just got offered Hopkins for Rodgers. Instantly accepted that as I have Herbert as my other QB. Trying to get a better RB.

This will be my roster after the trade:


AJ Brown, Hopkins, Tee Higgins, Antonio Brown, Slayton

Derrick Henry, Monty, Coleman, Kelley, Mattison, Pollard and Edwards. I was going to drop Pollard and Edwards.


What do you think it would cost me to try and get Sanders from the 3-6 owner?


First, hats off to getting Hopkins for a QB. Well done.

Second, what is the Sanders owner roster look like? What do they need? And what PPR format?

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Haha thanks. He offered it to me so I hit accept ASAP.

Her record is 3-6. Full PPR.


CMC, Edmonds, M Sanders, Peterson, Harris

E Sanders, Kirk, Jeudy, Landry, Hilton


She definitely needs WR and I know CMC isn’t being traded.

Hmmm…yeah, definitely a WR. May need to package a RB as well though. With CMC injury length unknown, she may not give up Sanders lightly. But she needs wins now.

You could always try to first offer Brown or Higgins. But that could leave you short at WR (I don’t know you’re lineup format, lol), so you’d need a good waiver pickup. Next you could try to package Higgins or Brown with a RB you think you can live without. But I don’t think she’ll give unless it’s Monty. But then that leaves you with Henry and an injury prone Sanders as your primary backs. Not sure how many you need. But when he’s healthy, he’s gooood.

I may be completely off, but that’s my first glance.

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So I offered AJ Brown straight up and she said yes. That would leave me with AB, Higgins, Hopkins and Slayton. Then I’d have Henry, Sanders and Monty. With Kelce coming back from bye next week.

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I like it.

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Thanks! Good luck to you!

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