Trade deadline this week should I make a move or am I panicking too much?

I am in a 10 team division within a 40 team PPR league where the top two in each division make the playoffs along with 8 wild card teams. I am sitting at 6-3 and in second place in my division but am only 1 game up with 3 to play and have a huge number of 5-4 teams nipping at my heels for wildcard spots too. Started out 6-1 and thought I would make the playoffs easily but have lost two in a row so I am panicking a bit! Had Kamara on my bench this past week for Hunt, Ingram and Freeman…smh…

My current roster:

QB: Roethlisberger, Cousins
RB: Hunt, Freeman, Ingram, Kamara, Morris
WR: Green, Michael Thomas, Diggs, Corey Davis, DeDe Westbrook
TE: Doyle, Henry
Def: Pittsburgh, Baltimore (bye)

We start 1 RB, 2 WR and 2 Flex each week.

Looking at my roster, are there any moves anyone sees that I should/could potentially make? Am I overreacting to 2 weeks and should stand pat? Hunt and Freeman have me worried a bit of late…

Firstly props on the format. Sounds intense.
Is there a redraft at playoffs or do you keep the same team? Your qb could do with an upgrade or at least someone with over 20 point upside depending on the match up like mcgowan
, Goff, or tyrod even Dalton arguably. I just can’t imagine a position where you would feel great about big Ben.

Other than that you’re sorted. Don’t panic over Freeman or hunt if you sell now you sell low so it’s a keep For them

Thanks! It is definitely a fun format and very intense! We are looking at going to a keeper league next year too. No redraft at playoffs everyone keeps the same teams so you do end up with people playing each other with some of the same players. Adds another element of strategizing.

Yeah, I have been looking to upgrade at QB for the past couple of weeks because I hate Cousins’ o-line issues and schedule and Ben has been dodgy but I do like his upcoming schedule outside of weeks 13 and 14…I like his matchup this week though against Indy even if it is on the road…but people are asking for what seems like crazy prices.

What pieces would you move to try to get that QB? I feel like my RB’s are all strong pieces but I obviously can’t start them all. My WR depth is short beyond Green and Thomas, not knowing what Diggs and Davis will put up each week still coming off injury and Green has been disappointing lately…

I’m thinking Dak may be a viable target… what do y’all think? And what would you offer?

Dak and adams for diggs and cousins?

I assume this guy is doing well so you can play the idea of playoffs diggs being back to his best e.g.wr1

Actually this guy needs to win to get in the playoffs…he’s 4-5 so he needs to win now…