Trade Deadline tomorrow, who should I target/trade away?

Hey Everyone, new here.

Tomorrow is my league’s trade deadline, and I have perhaps the worse 8-1 roster lol. Actually 8-2 because this week I just lost to the last place team… in this league waiver priority is a joke, this season they changed it based on record, so I been on a 7 game win steak (teams have had there worse games agaisnt me…) so im always the last person on waivers.

League is a Keeper 12 Team PPR

Here is my roster, would have been solid if David Johnson didnt crap the bed.

Matt Ryan/Ryan Tann
David Johnson/Aaron Jones/Damien Williams/Alexander Mattison/Tony Pollard/Darwin Thompson (picked him up in case a breakout, game today since mccoy was inactive)
Julio Jones/Mike Evans/Aj Brown
Evan Engram/Mike G
Defense:Eagles/Brown (going to drop browns)

Alexander Mattison/Tony pollard are my lotto tickets…in case an injury to cook or zeke occurs

Im hurting real bad with my flex spot as well as my RB, as David Johnson has sucked.
So far the best offer I got was golden tate for DJ…but that would kill me at RB even tho DJ has scored less than a point in the past 4 weeks!

Any opinions on what to do, who to target?