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Trade deal


Hey I am in a standard fantasy league. I just got a trade offer for Julio Jones. They would trade me OBJ and Dalvin Cook for Jones. Do I make the trade? Or do I ask for some one else? He also has Freeman, AJayi, Elliot and Montgomery.


Go for Freeman or Zeke. Out of all his RBs, he’s giving you the lowest value IMO. Just tell him you want a different RB and let him make the offer.


You’re kidding, right? How the hell did your league let that person draft all those top tier RB’s??? Haha

I would ask for Freeman or Zeke instead of Cook. It’s still a mystery how many games you’ll get from OBJ.


Lmfao exactly my thoughts. He robbed the RB bank.


Hahaha thanks man! Well it’s only a 6 team league had to many guys drop out this year. We still wanted to play though.


Thanks guys I will send him that proposal and see how it goes. Let you know what he counter offers


He low balled me again with Gillislee. And wants me to throw in James white then as well. Lol


HE HAS GILLISLEE TOO?! Play hard ball man. Or just hold onto your cards.


You have what HE wants. Don’t settle. Make HIM work for Julio, not the other way around.


I think I am going to pass on his deal . From stats last year Julio’s average points were higher then beckhams. And I have Kareem Hunt and James White and Tarik Cohen as my RB


But thanks for the help


No incentive for you to get rid of Jones unless Freeman or Zeke is on the table


Nice. I like the dedication to the leage now everyone has a superteam. Curious what your rb depth looks like. He’s got some good ones.

Can’t really weigh in until I see what you already have and what roster spots are being played


Thanks a bunch.


I have Kareem Hunt, James White, Tarik Cohen and Joe Mixon. And I dropped James Conner for Martavis Bryant.