Trade Debacle- What would you do if this happened?

I just set up a trade involving Dez Bryant for Alshon Jeffery on Friday morning. The trade was accepted and voted on quickly even though some were upset saying it was “unfair”. The trade is going to process Tuesday but Friday afternoon dez tears his Achilles. The person is relatively new and last in the league. Do I keep Alshon and say tough luck or take the moral high ground here and cancel the trade?

You can cancel a trade after it’s been excepted and voted on?

The trade should go through. It’s not even “moral high ground”… it’s a deal you made. So now you follow through. Don’t be a welcher.

Tough luck

It would be like you saying “I bet $20 that the panthers would beat the Steelers. Well, I lost… should I take he moral high ground and pay them $20?”

I think he’s saying he traded away dez for alshon.

I can see where you’re coming from. Depends how ruthless your league is. If it’s a money league and he’s out of it then technically it’s all good but if it’s a fun league and you’d feel guilty if you win with alshon then trade back and go waiver wire.

Nothing wrong with keeping him but I get you’re position and I’ve had similar where I’ve traded back in order to keep everyone in the league happy rather than ruthlessly win at all costs as that’s likely to be a barrier to people trading in the future. Especially if he’s new or inexperienced

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I dont think the trade was fair from the beggining lol alshon is way more valueable than dez would be…
I would undo the trade, to avoid getting a bad reputation at your league. The guy is last already, you did a trade that absolutelly finessed him, and now he has no player. Do you reeeeally need alshon to win you this league?

My bad if I read the OP wrong. I read it again and I’m still not sure which player the OP is getting. I agree with @Joshg11… depends on the stakes of the league.

Just to be clear I am getting Alshon. I wont necessarily need him but I am middle of the pack now so having him as depth and an option helps. It is a money league however he has had many opportunities to do his research and take time to review it and he agreed wholeheartedly. I guess i just wanted to see where consensus was when it came to vetoes and fairness. In this case it’s been agreed and voted before the injury, but it does skew the balance ROS. Can/should my league let it go through or turn all votes to veto now that the injury happened. Keep in mind the trade has not processed yet so others can still change their votes

I’d let it ride, injuries are one of the pitfalls of the game, particularly with trade review periods.

That said, if you’re league really kicks off about it then you should allow it to be cancelled. It’ll give you some good standing in the league and help with future trading. Plus, you aren’t made worse by the injury as you’ve presumably only had Dez in your side for 1 day.