Trade decision needed!

do I trade cameron brate and Stefon Diggs for Alvin Kamara and Adam Theilan
my RBs after trade will be McCoy kamara Ellington Smallwood and Collins
my WRs will be Jordy, Hopkins, Theilan and Sanders
My tight end will be Rudolph.
What do you guys think!

I would do that in a heartbeat. You’re getting Kamara and Thielen for Diggs and Brate? That looks like a nice deal considering you could use some depth at RB. Very nice receiving core, if you got offered that deal I would be in favor of taking it. Nice team. Brate is a nice sell high candidate, many mouths to feed in Tampa.

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Thanks. Its a standard league does that have any impact?

does anyone else have any opinions on it?!

I play in a .1pt per yard, .5 ppr league, I treat all leagues the same for the most part, follow the touchdowns. I would bank on Kamara and Thielen scoring more consistently than Brate and Diggs. The ballers talk all the time about New Orleans RB’s fantasy production being more than people think it would be. There are just too many mouths to feed in Tampa for me to believe Brate will continue all year to produce, and OJ Howard will get targets too. Diggs has injury issues. I could very well be wrong, they have both produced in the past, I had Diggs when he broke out and it was awesome.

I would wait for more opinions too, couldn’t hurt to hear more viewpoints. I personally like Kamara and Thielen more than Brate and Diggs, im sure plenty would disagree in all fairness.

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thanks a lot for the help I feel pretty similarly to you the only thing holding me back is Diggs breakout potential if he stays healthy. But Tamara could take over in NO and become top 12 play so I’m defiantly leaning towards accepting.

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I value Theilan and Diggs very close with Bradford out or playing injured so let’s call that a wash. This leaves the meat of the trade at Kamara for Brate. Being as you need a more solid option for your 2nd RB and you already have a TE that SHOULD finish in the top 12, I would definitely take this trade.

In one of my leagues I have Diggs & Rudolph as well. I’m trying to sell one of them to get away from the Vikings pass game. Your logic is close except for you’d be getting back a Vikings pass catcher. Not a bad thing, I just like to diversify!

Good luck!

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