Trade deebo & Jones for terry mclaurin

Hey guys, currently sitting in 1st place and was thinking about offering deebo and Marvin Jones for terry mclaurin. The team with scary terry is currently in last. It’s a 0.5 ppr league. Should I make the offer? Thanks

This is a tough one for me. We have not seen a full Deebo season. He may be the best piece of that trade. I think that is too much to give up for Terry.

Part of me feels that way but part of me feels deebo may have had his best games thus far with a rookie quarterback coming up and his injury prone nature. Maybe I am giving up too much

I agree, I think you are giving up too much. You could probably trade Deebo for Terry straight up depending on the owner

You might be giving up a little too much, but if Trey takes over at QB - you might be happy you got rid of Deebo when you did. Marvin Jones has been as consistent as they come this year too…tough. I would probably try to start a little lower and have this be the max you would give up.

Thanks guys…so I’m offering just deebo for terry…hope it works out