Trade DeMarco Murray & Cooks, Tate, or Corey Davis for Alvin Kamara?

Ppr 12 man With very nice backups. Think the kamara owner would bite? If not for demarco and Corey Davis, would demarco and say Golden Tate or Brandin Cooks be an acceptable offer on my end. It seems like paying to much but I’d still have very nice depth at all positions. I’d like some footclan opinions thanks!

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I would try to stay away from trading brandon cooks if you could, he has a decent playoff schedule 3/4 weeks and is still a WR1.

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Thanks yea that would be my last option. I kind of feel like Tate for kamara would be a fair trade.
Wr are a brown, m Evans, b cooks, Tate and c Davis,
RBs. Are Gordon, Hyde, Martin, Murray, forte.
I just kind of think kamara has a better flex value than either cooks or Tate, idk. I really just wish he would trade bell since I have the pieces to fix him losing zeke and playing cooper cupp as wr2…

Yeah I would def. try to trade Murray & Tate for Kamara, especially if you’re in PPR. I’ve been trying to get him all week and I’m in a Standard.