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Trade Demarco Murray for Top 3 QB?


So I’m tired of streaming and I’m impatient with Andrew Luck.

Should I trade DeMarco Murray for Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees?
All of their owners have a desperate need for RB conveniently enough.
12 team PPR
My team (I’ve made several trades to acquire the big names)


I would do it. You’d pretty much have a complete team at that point. I’d target some WR depth too, but you can certainly spare Murray for a stud QB.


I’d do it, but try to get a serviceable RB back. I’m talking RB3 range just to cover your ass for bye weeks/injuries.


What do you use as your fantasy football site i use NFL.com @Romark87 @Hardie16


For my leagues? I use ESPN, Yahoo, and NFL for my five leagues. You can find a lot of quality research here. The podcast is great and the articles are all solid. I use other sites for research as well, but usually rely on the guys here or at Reddit.


I am a beginner @Romark87 at this it’s my first year but can i be in your league if that even in possible sorry im new at this i use NFL.com


That’s an ESPN league. Honestly I really liked the nfl.com leagues as well. Not sure why I switched over just been using ESPN the last couple years.


Bump. Any opinions on this? Haven’t made a move. The Aaron Rodgers owner won’t let up Aaron Rodgers. He had David Johnson, Olsen and rob Kelly, 0-4 and has Russell Wilson on the bench. Same with Brady owner, he’s 0-4 and stubborn, Gahhh they just want to ride it out. And drew brees guy has amari cooper. I keep sending trades paired with him. Haven’t sent a straight up DeMarco Murray for drew Bree’s yet. I traded cheap for Murray but I just have a hard time making a demarco for brees straight up trade. Should I do that???


I even keep pairing with Andrew luck and no one bites