Trade: DeMarco Murray & Ty Hill for LeSean McCoy & Alshon Jeffery?

Should I accept a trade of LeSean McCoy & Alshon Jeffery for DeMarco Murray & Tyrek Hill (I would be getting McCoy and Jeffery)??? I have Michael Crabtree as my other top WR, but Alvin Kamara as my #2 RB after drafting David Johnson. I am concerned about Murry’s health and # of carries going forward, but then again the Titans’ schedule looks favorable to the Bills later in the season. I should add that I have Doug Martin stashed on my bench, and I have lost both weeks so far. Any help would be appreciated.

Do it. I’d rather have McCoy than Murray right now while you wait for Martin.

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Yah I’d do that in a second. I was saying this earlier to someone else but McCoy is kind of matchup proof. Even if they’re down, they can use him in the passing game. The Philly running situation is atrocious right now, so Wentz is going to be chucking the ball.

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I’d take it as well.

Although Hill is super talented I eventually seem him as a Boom or Bust type option. Where Alshon will get peppered with Targets.

Take McCoy and if you’re worried about his schedule trade him in a few weeks when Martin comes back. It’ll be easier to trade McCoy than it will be to trade Murray.

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Thank you my peoples, I’m off to accept the trade