Trade depth for picks?

I have a ton of WR depth in my keeper league. Thinking about trying to trade some for some picks next year. Wondering what peoples thoughts are on that. I currently have:
Evans, M Thomas, Ertz, DJ Moore, Fuller, Waller, Gallup

this is only the 2nd year of the league so I think people are still unsure when it comes to trading picks. Think its possible to turn Fuller or Waller or someone into a 1st round pick next year?

Its all league dependent and league format dependent.
I think its worth it for you to do that for 1-2 players, but take a look at matchups/bye weeks when doing so. Waller had his bye, ertz didnt. Ertz has an awesome Playoff schedule So I’d prefer to keep both OR package to upgrade at other positions.

I cant value the players without knowing your league, but see below for relevant info:

I’m in a non-weighted, 14 team PPR 3 player keeper league (we start the draft in round 4) for about 10 years so far and the trends seemed to go like this
Years 1-2 people were hesitant to trade picks.
Years 3-5 people were impressed by high picks. So playoff contenders would rent player. By that I mean trade a 1st or 2nd round pick for i.e. Michael Thomas, then sell him off for the same round pick. (NOTE: Highly suggested you do this before the league realizes it)
Years 6-10 It normalized, and keeper value players would go for multiple round picks (ex: Kamara for a 1st, 2nd, 3rd)

With that all said, in my league trading players for ONLY picks, Fuller would go for like a 3rd/4th, Waller for like a 1st/2nd due to position scarcity, etc…
For reference, the most recent trades this month in my league were Alshon for a 3rd, Sutton for a 2nd Cooks for a 3rd, Ridley for a 4th, Mclaurin for a 3rd.

I appreciate the input. We do three keepers and the keep cost is the round they were drafted. With the cost increasing if you keep the same player for consecutive years. We do not require a TE it is just 3 w/ts. As the commissioner of this league, hoping I dont see the rent players start to happen. Buying a player for a pick as a contender is no problem, but cant have the rentals happen. So you had people making trades in the offseason?

Yes trading opens a month before the Fantasy draft for us.
To clarify, the rentals were not collusion, players go from team to team. They were just oversight by the whole league.
ex: Owner1 trades a 2nd round pick for a player from Owner2. Then in the offseason, Owner1 trades that same player to Owner 3 for a 2nd round pick.
Owner 1 end up with his same keepers and same (basically) picks.

What rule was implemented to stop that? Sounds like I might need to get ahead of it

Technically its not unfair.
Like in the NFL what the Patriots did with Brandin Cooks.

No rule was implemented, essentially the league realized it was happening and started valuing players higher/more fairly in their trades for picks.

Good luck.