Trade Depth Help

I got offered Mike Williams and Josh Jacobs for D-Hop and Godwin.

6 team full PPR
My depth
RBs: Ekeler, CMC, Jones, Gibson
WR: CeeDee, Godwin, Kupp, DK, Hill, Ridley, D-Hop

His Depth:
RBs: J-Taylor, Josh Jacobs, swift, Patterson, Darrell Williams
WRs: Mike Williams, Brandin Cooks, Adams, DJ Moore, Justin Jefferson

Thank you in advance footclan!

I’d run away very quickly from that one. If he included Taylor instead of Jacobs it would be enticing, but as is I wouldn’t come close to accepting that one. Your WR’s are STACKED though.

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@stevengrim I just want to get more RB depth because my I can sacrifice a little bit from WR to get that, but I agree with you

I’m also trying to acquire Derrick Henry… lol. Do you think someone would take Aaron Jones and DK for the Yeti?

To get King Henry, you are going to have to PAY.

More like Jones/Kupp, Jones/Hill or, Jones/Lamb for Henry alone.

DK is receving “passes” from Geno Smith, unfortunately your time to move him is over until Russ gets back.

I think that’s definitely doable and probably a good trade for both parties

DK still has the name recognition and prestige though. He hasn’t been nearly as impacted as Lockett by Wilson’s injury.

Agreed, but would you accept the Jones/DK for Henry or would you ask for an upgrade from DK.

Not saying it cant happen, I was saying to @Mike_Hawk dont be shocked if he gets counter-offered for the other trades I said.

DK or CeeDee rest of season? @recespieces31 @stevengrim

That would be really close for me, on both sides. Typically with trades I identify the fairness by whether I take a deep breath and hesitate before I propose or accept it. I took a couple deep breaths on this one :joy::joy:

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I say CeeDee for sure

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@recespieces31 @stevengrim I just got offered Mike Williams for Calvin Ridley. Do I take it? It kinda makes me uncomfortable to think about that because I think Ridley might be going off this week

I personally would keep Ridley.

I know Ridley has been disappointing, but Ridley is the unquestioned WR1 in ATL and it seems the offense is starting to find its groove.

Williams definitely has the higher upside currently, but with his injury history and competition for targets, I prefer Ridley.

I agree, Ridley is my choice here. Williams has been a stud this season but I’m really waiting for the other shoe to drop. Maybe it doesn’t, but Ridley has to get back on track. Plus he is past his bye already.