Trade Desean Watson to exploit the Aaron Rodgers owner without a backup?

I have Dak and think I can gain some value given the situation of the Rodgers owner.

His team: Ajayi, McCaffrey, Nelson, Fuchess, Rishard Matthews, Crowder, M. Bryant, Maclin, Forte, Charles, Murray, Collins

My Team: Martin, McCoy, Hunt, Keenan, DT, Parker, Marvin Jones, Perine, C. Davis

Does anyone see any packages that might work in my favor?

gonna be tough to do it this week with Watson on his bye

With Watson on bye, try Dak and Perine for Ajayi maybe. Stream this week and then you have Watson rest of season. Sucks to give up Dak but better there is a bigger difference between Ajayi and the droppable Perine than Dak and Watson +1 stream week. And now Dak has no Zeke. Plus if. McCoy goes down you have Ajayi ROS