Trade Devonta freeman for lev bell in keeper league?

10 team keeper league, 5 keepers each, round values stay the same. 3rbs, 3wrs, 2 w/r/t. Should I trade Devonta freeman as a 10th round keeper for Le’Veon Bell as a 1st rounder? .5 ppr

I wouldn’t. That’s crazy value for a still very good RB.


No way. Bell has been my 1.01 in any and every format for the past half decade and still is today. But getting Freeman in a 10th round keeper is insane. I view Freeman as a mid 2nd rounder value. Stay with Freeman.


What if he threw in Hyde (4) as well? I just had mckinnon go down so my RB3 is Latavius

It isn’t clear: are you predraft or post-draft? If you haven’t drafted yet, hyde doesn’t help because he isn’t good value in the 4th. If you have drafted, heck yeah, give me Bell and Hyde, especially since you are hurting at rb. I’m more interested in playing for now in keeper leagues than trying to overthink next year’s keepers.

We drafted already

Then yeah, I’m doing Freeman for Bell and Hyde for sure. A lot changes in a year, who knows who your keepers will be.

That’s an awful trade. Hyde doesn’t change that trade much at all. Freeman in the 10th round is insane.

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