Trade Dez and Lynch for Ajayi and one of Davante Adams or Pryor

12 team .5 ppr league. Thoughts on this trade? Rest of my roster is RB: Lynch, Anderson, Ingram, T. West, J. Stewart, L. Murray, Smallwood…WR: Julio, Dez, Snead, Marvin Jones

I would do it. I would take Pryor

Do you like it more if it is Ingram and Dez instead?

Absolutely not. I’d rather have Dez than either of those WRs.

Adams has had 1 good year, in which he was entirely dependent on TDs for relevance. TDs are extremely unpredictable, and he now has more competition for targets (healthy Cobb, Bennett, maybe a running game). Pryor is the #3 target on an offense that doesn’t loom great, and is a second year WE. Dez is a monster, and is now healthy.

I’d probably not trade Ingram for either if those WRs either. I believe his floor is a high end RB2 (barring injury).

Edit: sorry, I missed the Ajayi part. This makes a lot more since now. I’d still probably not do either. Definitely not Ingram. I’d probably wait for Lynch to have a big game and then sell high. I don’t like either of those WRs.

I’d rather have ajayi, and the lynch vs. Ingram is tough. But both will probably split carries and I’ll keep the one that has less injury concern, so I’d keep ingram.