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Trade Dez?


Give: Dez
Get: Gronk

The Gronk owner needs WRs. Giving him Dez will leave me with Hill, Crabtree, Maclin, Tyrell Williams and Ginn? Should I pull the trigger?


Maybe…Who’s your current TE?


Do this in a heart beat.


We aren’t required to have a TE in this league. Just a flex spot. I don’t have a TE right now.


Go for it then!


I would do this. If Gronk stays healthy he is going to go off with edelman out.


Yeah Gronk looks good this season and has such a high upside.


Here’s the question: did you draft Dez over Gronk? Based on ADP, as well as every draft I’ve been in, you probably had to. If so, why did you not draft Gronk there? I’d imagine there’s a reason.