Trade Diggs and Fant for Henderson and Waller?

My opponent for this week sent me a trade for Diggs and Fant for Henderson and Waller. Should I make the trade?

You have Henderson and Waller or you receive Henderson and Waller?

I would do it to receive Henderson and Waller, but no way would I send Henderson and Waller to someone else.

Yes, I would receive Henderson and Waller

I think I would go for it…definitely depends on what your receiver core is like, but Henderson has been looking great and has had some solid weeks already, Waller is a definite upgrade from Fant. Not a bad trade at all, no telling what will happen with Diggs, but Josh Allen has been spreading the ball around more than last year…With Kupp and Cooks…I think this is an absolute upgrade for you overall.

Looking at your line up with replacement AJ brown and your flex. It’s not a huge step down at WR and it’s a big upgrade at flex and TE.

Done deal to me